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Art is worth thousand words and easy to internalise and impress our mind strongly and lasts much longer. And it avoids boringness of reading and listening. So I want to utilise this benefit and provide glimpse of wisdom to add value in our lives such as motivation, growth and mental wellbeing.

I am a seeker. I spent most of my life trying to understand how our inner world is run and how it can be corrected. I saw essence of all religions, cultures, science and technology. I understood successful people like healers, professionals and narcissists. Today spiritual world and digital world have come very close. And if wise men can benefit from understanding spiritual science surely we too from understanding and utilising nft arts. 

By the way let's have little fun. Let me tell you about the apes on the logo. They are all same ape on all pictures. On the first picture he was very sad, by the time he reached to the third picture he became very intelligent but he understood he has some negative side effects as well and he figured out how to deal with it. By the time he reached to the fifth picture he is intelligent and happy ape. Now my friends I have a question for you, what do second and fourth pictures mean ? Secret of success, health and happiness lies on these two pictures.


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