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Imagination is the flow of thoughts and feelings coming from subconscious mind. And our perception, intentions and state of mind gives it the direction to flow. It's strength

and continuity is base on how focused you are. It uses data from the brain and external world to associates and produces new ideas.


Imagine by understanding how it works you can achieve what you want, wouldn't it be wonderful ? If you imagine you want to be healthy and you become healthy or you want to be successful and ideas start coming, isn't it great ? What is happening here, when you are wondering your cognitive brain is isolated temporary and large part of brain is synchronised and result it produces new ideas and new possibilities.


One of the easiest technique is questioning using 'AS IF' that good actors normally use.

For example imagine if you are healthy and ask yourself what are the things it 'Associates' and let it flow for couple of minutes. Now you add 'Feeling' to those things that comes after you become healthy and let it flow again. You can practice this and enjoy whenever you are feeling boring. And congratulates yourself because it has association and effects in the subconscious level. Finally be aware 'never doubt' if it works otherwise it will cancel out. Don't look for result believe in your understanding, and in it's mechanism. All you have to do is to practice everyday and make a habit. Same technique applies to every things whether health, success, love of your life or happiness.

Finally enjoy the ride of your imagination and good feeling.

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